Pure, Fresh, Flavourful.

Your Perfect Cup Awaits at Our Fresh Tea Heaven!

Factory Fresh

Directly from the Tea Factory

ISO certified

Excellence, Precision, Reliability

Robust Flavour

Distinct, Bold, Flavorful Tea

Premium Tea Collection

Indulge in exquisite teas made from the finest leaves, offering unparalleled freshness, bold flavours, and a truly elevated tea-drinking experience

Loose Tea Packs

Our finest loose black tea is carefully crafted to keep its freshness from the highest quality tea leaves.

Tea Bags

The premium quality Panilkanda Tea Bags are filled with high-quality black tea leaves, carefully picked and processed to bring out a rich and full-bodied flavour

Want to buy teas in Bulk ?

Buying directly from a tea manufacturer ensures that you are getting the authentic and high quality product without any third-party involvement.In addition, it provides greater transparency about the sourcing, production methods, and ingredients used, giving you confidence in the product’s quality and integrity.

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