Panilkanda Tea Factory only uses hand plucked fresh two leaves & bud of raw tea leaves for the high quality tea production. All the raw tea leaves are manually checked for the freshness & quality at the receive point of the factory daily by highly trained professionals.

Panilkanda Tea Factory is an ISO certified company. It has ISO certifications of ISO 22000, ISO 14001 & ISO 18001. Panilkanda Tea Factory is producing best quality Ceylon Tea for the local & export market with lot of merits on company’s hand. The factory directly employed a working staff of 130 people & there are around 2000 registered small tea farmers supplying quality raw tea leaves to the factory. State of the art high tech production facility of the Panilkanda Tea Factory is capable of producing around 65000 Kg of high quality made tea monthly.

For years, continuously Panilkanda Tea Factory managed to stay in the front row of the Colombo Tea Auction as a quality Ceylon Tea manufacturer under the selling mark “PANILKANDA”.

Also, Panilkanda Tea Factory of the New Saman Group (Pvt) Ltd., is an social emblem in the area & has a very good reputation for their generous social service & welfare projects around the region by donating to schools, temples, hospitals & general public.

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