Panilkanda Tea Factory is a sister company of New Saman Group (Pvt) Ltd located in the Matara  District in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Panilkanda Tea Factory is famous for its ideal location, as it is surrounded by lush tea gardens and the breathtaking world heritage rainforest of Sinharaja.

Panilkanda Tea Factory is situated approximately 11 Km away from Deniyaya town on Deniyaya/Rathapura road (A17 road), at the Panilkanda junction.

Panilkanda Tea Factory was originally started in early 1900s as a private company, but by end of 1980s it had fallen into disuse for almost a decade after factory was taken over by the government then.  In 1998 Panilkanda Tea Factory, now owned by New Saman Group (Pvt) Ltd was recommenced the operations under a new management after a heavy investment.  Soon, the factory became one of the top factories in the low elevation growing sector; sales exceeded the elevation averages and overall profitability increased within few years. Within a short span of period Panilkanda Tea Factory became a model tea factory of the area by gaining economically, technologically & socially.

Equipped with the latest technology available in the tea industry, Panilkanda Tea Factory is considered as one of the most modern tea manufacturing companies in the region. Addition to that, coupled with traditional tea manufacturing secrets, Panilkanda Tea Factory has a reputation for producing variety of the finest high quality Ceylon teas that kept the Panilkanda mark high.

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